10 Reasons Apple Made Your Life "Different," Not Difficult

A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine entitled 10 Ways Switching to Apple Made My Life More Difficult has been getting a lot of social media love, so I thought I would make some counter-points being an Apple user myself. This isn't necessarily pertinent to our business of reconditioning cars, but we use Apple products in our business, so work with me here!

1. There's no menu button on the iPhone.

Response: It's called a home button.

2. iPhones are still terrible at being actual phones.

Response: Never encountered this issue.

3. In iPhone, there's no Swype, the super-convenient typing tool.

Response: Seriously?

4. You become a battery-life miser on the iPhone.

Response: My battery lasts all day, and then I charge it at night. What, am I going to carry an extra battery around in my back pocket for quick changeouts? Seriously?

5. There's no Advanced Task Killer on iPhone.

Response: This is just a "difference," not a difficulty.

6. iPhone 5's cable is both expensive and inconvenient.

Response: 1 time in 6 years, "adapt."

7. iTunes banned me from listening to any mp3 it wasn't familiar with.

Response: Never had this issue. Has a lot to do with terms with music industry and itunes. Perhaps it's an Android issue!

8. No forward delete button, seriously? It's 2013.

Response: My Apple keyboard has this. Go buy a new one. Plus, you can also hold down the function key and the delete key at the same time.

9. PDF files are a crazy lottery.

Response: You can change this behavior to use Adobe.

10. Caps Lock has a mind of its own.

Response: Seriously? Again, a "difference," not a difficulty.

Before any of you send me nasty emails, please note this was all in good fun. Plus, Apple products are better than Adroid ;-)