Auto Paint: Doors, Fenders, Mirrors and Trim

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Auto paint restoration of doors, fenders, mirrors and trim is one of Onsite Recon's core service areas. Our technician's specialize in non-collision damage. If your vehicle has not been in a wreck, we can most likely repair the damage. Many vehicle owners simply don't know how to go about repairing minor damage to their car, so they call a body shop. Onsite changes this dynamic by giving vehicle owners a less expensive and more convenient alternative. If your vehicle has been dented, gouged, or simply scraped, our Onsite technician's can fix the damage to make it look like it never even happened. And unlike a bodyshop, you won't lose your car for days. Our technician's can repair your vehicle damage the same day at your home or work, with most repairs taking less than 2 hours to complete!

More often than not, the technician can contain the repair to one section using a technique called "blending." Using precisely measured paints, our technician's can expertly match your vehicle paint yielding a perfect color match.

Onsite Recon™ is committed to minimizing the effects that chemicals can have not only on the environment, but more importantly, on our employees. That's why we have adopted the use of water-based paints even though they are not yet required by law.

To experience just how convenient our services can be, snap pics of the damage with your smartphone, and upload them from any page on our site OR E-mail them to, and we'll give you an estimate within 1 business day! Drive happy™.

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