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Have a shiny new...While today's clear coat is more durable than ever, it is not scratch resistant. Your vehicle's clear coat can be easily scratched and chipped by flying road debris, objects being placed on the surface (such as boxes or luggage), rubbing the surface with a dirty towel, or simply by brushing up against them with exposed keys or other objects.

Often, the scratch is not through to the paint. In this instance, an Onsite mobile technician can expertly remove the scratch without painting. Our technician's have been trained to remove scratches through a technique called wet sanding and buffing. By using wet sand paper, the technician is able to cut down on buffing time by removing very small amounts of the damaged clear coat first. After expertly determining when to stop wet sanding the damaged clear coat, the technician then buffs out the scratch marks using a high speed rotary buffer, restoring the clear coat to it's factory shine.

If, on the other hand, your clear coat has been compromised down to the paint, our Onsite technician can expertly repair the damaged clear coat, mix the exact color code for your car, and paint and clear coat the area. The best part? We come to you! We serve Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and beyond with quality mobile auto body repair. It's like having your own mobile body shop, without the body shop prices!

Expert Tip:

If you can just barely feel the scratch with your thumb nail, then there's a very good chance the scratch can be completely removed. If your nail hangs on the scratch, we may still be able to substantially minimize the appearance of the damage without having to paint.

Simply snap some pics with your smartphone and upload them from any page on our site OR E-mail them to, and we'll give you an estimate within 1 business day! Drive happy™.

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